Many organizations are jumping into it. At ConvIOT®, we see Cloud as only part of a bigger picture. 

Cloud is important for long-term organizational learning. As data is created from machines, people, and processes, that knowledge is used to change how you do things, determine which machines to buy, and how avoid problems encountered in the past. The problem is that this is “after-the-fact” learning, not real-time. And as data ages, it becomes less valuable.

Edge computing adds always-on immediacy and low-cost management. The Edge collects information at the moment, as it is created, for immediate action. With the application of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Business Intelligence, you’re able to predict, rather than react.  Unlike Cloud, the Edge is deeply embedded right into the manufacturing process, always present, taking the pulse of your entire organization in real-time.

Some companies start enhancing performance by leveraging the Edge. Others start with Cloud. Whatever your path, Edge will be a critical part of your technology profile whether you’ve started there or not. It is important to understand where Edge is applicable in the hybrid solution so you don’t have to unwind a cloud-only approach and experience cost redundancy.