RUMBLE co-founder Perry Lea will be speaking on “Artificial Intelligence for the Rest of Us” at the 28th Annual Idaho Business and Technology Expo in Boise, ID, February 20.

“This isn’t your normal ‘AI solves all problems’ conference pitch,” Lea say. “I want to provide an understanding of how human learning works and how machines learn. . .and what machines can do and what they simply will not do.”

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the buzz words in nearly every industry. Anything that saves times, reduces complexity, and improves margins is naturally desirable. However, what is it? This is an informative session to teach the fundamentals of machine learning in different use cases and applications. Lea will talk about the history and evolution of machine learning and why it’s prevalent now. He also promises a real-life demonstration of a machine teaching itself how to recognize objects.

Lea’s presentation will provide a critical understanding of how machine learning may help you or your business in different circumstances.

“It will be a fun way to learn the fundamentals of machine learning and how to monetize its potential,” Lea says.