“IoT should stand for the Insurance of Things because it helps companies avoid disaster, whether its predicting when a piece of machinery is about to fail or helping farmers better track the health of their livestock to prevent disease outbreaks.” – Perry Lea, RUMBLE co-founder


The Kansas City Business Journal talked with RUMBLE co-founders Terri Foudray and Perry Lea recently on the challenges aspiring businesses face in implementing IoT technologies (OP Tech Firm Talks IoT Business Challenges, Tips for Overcoming Them, staff writer Leslie Collins, KCBJ, February 19, 2019).

Terri and Perry provided four tips for businesses to help overcome these challenges:

  1. Identify the Company’s Technology Strengths and Weaknesses – Developing and implementing a scalable IoT solution is complex and most company’s need to supplement their internal team with outside experts to create a well-rounded solution.
  2. Prioritize What is Connected – Companies should adopt IoT solutions that add value and not just connect something because it can be connected. “Instead of ‘biting the whole apple’, start with the low-hanging fruit that will have an immediate impact,”  said Terri Foudray, RUMBLE CEO.
  3. Be Prepared for Cultural Change – Implementing IoT solutions require previously siloed teams within a company to work together, like IT and OT departments. “If you don’t have leadership of the company behind the initiative, it’s likely not going to be effective,”  said Foudray.
  4. Find Your Team Quarterback – Partner with an experienced company to help you lead the effort and remove complexities. “…look for people who have actually deployed IoT solutions, and you will save yourself a lot of headache and wasted time and resources,” added Foudray.

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