As part of The StartUp Magazine’s  ongoing Female Founders  series, The Startup Magazine asked RUMBLE CEO and Founder Terri Foudray, for her views on the continued digitization of our physical world. Terri holds the premise that technology is a great disrupter – and no area more so than the launch of the Internet of Things. However, digitizing objects to create “smart products” for our daily work and home lives has created some last-mile challenges that have threatened to derail the promise of IoT.

Ms. Foudray is a dynamic thought leader in the IoT space, founding her IoT company, RUMBLE to integrate Edge computer solutions and help solve the IoT performance shortfall. Terri is a strong STEM advocate and an active member of the advisory board for CompTIA’s Advisory Council.

In the article below, Terri offers her views on the need for effective management and harnessing of the reams of data produced by smart objects in the emerging smart world.

The promise of the Internet of Things, or “IoT” was one of connection. Specifically, IoT was projected to connect more than 50 billion objects generating about 80 zettabytes of data. The reality, however, is far different. While connection has happened, we are still far from that mind-boggling 80 zettabyte projection. Does that mean the IoT is not real or useful?

Not at all.

Read the article titled IOT, Bridging the Performance Process Gap for more on CEO Terri Foudray’s viewpoint.

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